The day in the community

On Saturday was one of the most emotional days I have ever had. It was a day full of nature, feeling and good friends. 

We went to a fishermen camp in the internal channels of the delta. I had a nice walk in the flooded forest with 5 more people, we swam in the Danube, we saw some interesting forest birds. 

The others helped the locals in cooking fish soup and taking honey from the beehives. We had an amazing lunch, then a nap and then back with the boats. 

A group of 7 of us didn't return to the camps but went to the other side of the river. 

These we some magic moments till sunset... saving an injured pelican, watching very rare birds (Cattle Egret, Roof, etc), swimming on a tree trunk in a channel, enjoying the nature. 

                                                                                                            ANDREY RALEV