One day

One day after arriving home,

I woke up in my bed my ceiling is no longer the milky way and the surroundings sounds of the morning are not the ones we've just have  for one week. If reconnection with nature was one of the main targets of this projects it has been accomplished.

One week in an unique natural environment with a great group of people from different countries and of course very nice experiences with the locals, even the mosquitoes will be remembered as they take a  very important role in the ecosystem of the Danube Delta.

Our fears about the water riising because of the floorings in other parts of the danube were just that fears we have been witnesses of a great an important ecosystem that needs to be preserved and for that it's very important to find a balance with the necessities of the local fishermen's community and the ecosystem itself.

The spanish team want to thank all the participants not only for sharing their knowledge about team work, non formal education, birds, eco friendly behaviors but also for the friendly moments we all share over the course of this week.

Thanks all

Mahura man